About the LOAM


The Lab of Advanced MRI (LOAM) belongs to the Neurophysics group in the Department of Cosmic Rays and Cronology (DRCC) of the Institute of Physics (IFGW) at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP). The lab was just started in February 2023 and is under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Andre Paschoal. Our focus is to implement, develop and/or optimize new and advanced MRI sequences and apply that in the neuroimaging field. Currently, we are very interested in studying the hemodynamics and the clearance mechanisms in the brain, which is known to be associated to several brain disorders.

Besides our lab is located at the Institute of Physics, part of our group is also located in the University Hospital, where we have access to scan at a 3T Philips Ingenia and a 7T Bruker BioSpin MRI scanners.


UNICAMP is a very important Brazilian university, located in Campinas, which is a big city of the Sao Paulo State, one hour driving from Sao Paulo city. In its beautiful campus, you can find a really big range of undergraduate and graduate courses in humanities, exact and biological Sciences. The UNICAMP campus also encopasses the University Hospital (HC).

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